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The Hammer is a Secondary Weapon in Deadbolt.

It costs 20 souls to purchase from Charon.

The Hammer is one of four melee weapons available, also being one of three that can be bought, two of which are secondary weapons.

The Hammer sits at a middle-ground between the Knife and Sledgehammer in terms of both power and speed. While being slower but stronger than the Knife, it is faster but weaker than the Sledgehammer.

Just like the Knife, the Hammer can be thrown as a projectile and will one-hit kill most enemies when thrown. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, Bouncers, Sergeants and Bosses.

Also similar to the Knife, if you hit an enemy (excluding dead bodies) with a thrown Hammer, it cannot be picked up again.

NOTE: When thrown, a Hammer can still be picked up if it hits a Phylactery, Landmine, or Camera, or does not hit anything. It will not break light fixtures.

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