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Play and complete various Missions that are given to you throughout your adventure in Deadbolt. Currently there are 25 different missions to fight and face all sorts of Enemies to complete your Objectives.

Zombie Kingz[edit | edit source]

  • Noisy Neighbors - Case 1 - "Kill all undead."
  • New High - Case 2 - "The Zombies are selling some strange drug. Find out what it is."
  • Smoke Signals - Case 3 - "Let's get the attention of their leader. Burn all their drugs."
  • Puff - Case 4 - "A low level dealer, Puff might know about their supplier. Kill him."
  • Follow The Hounds - Case 5 - "The first address leads to a hellhound pound. End it."
  • The Bogeyman - Case 6 - "The second address leads to a house with a missing Candle."
  • No Vacancy - Case 7 - "Find the location of Roland's Warehouse."
  • Supply And Demand - Case 8 - "Destroy the warehouse where the Zombie Kingz store their drugs."
  • Roland - Case 9 - "Kill Roland, the leader of the Zombie Kingz."

1000 Year Royals[edit | edit source]

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